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Hitting the ‘Wall’ and breaking past it!

When in the loop of an active physical life, there comes a point where we make it or break it. Our endurance only lasts for so long but what if we told you there are ways in which one could avoid ‘Hitting the Wall’? Yes, that’s right. Although it is less graphic to understand but more scientifically accurate. This intangible obstacle presents itself when Glycogen – the fuel of the body, starts depleting. Your muscles need it, and your brain thrives on it. Unfortunately, there is only so much glycogen your muscles and liver can stock up on. Professional runners have attested to run out of Glycogen, or more simply put- hit the wall, at 20 miles. Keep reading to see how we can help you reach past hitting the wall.

To avoid hitting the wall and break past it:

1.You need an active regime in which you constantly practice running over a period of a few weeks and months. This will help you get to a point in which your body will automatically shift its oxygen source to non-oxygenated sources like glucose, and you will be able to run a bit faster while burning glycogen and fat.

2.An essential protein-nutrition fueled diet goes a long way. Increase your tolerance level by avoiding overindulgence and swearing by a pre-running breakfast that is high in carbohydrates and also with energy gels and drinks.

Now all this does well when it comes to bodily nutrition. Nutrition for the mind plays just as much of an important role as physical nutrition.

3.Positive thinking and a healthy attitude with oneself is extremely crucial while hitting the tracks. Maintain a positive attitude and avoid words like ‘not’ or ‘weak’, which might tamper with your subconscious judgment. If you tell yourself ‘I am not weak’, the mind will only hear ‘not’ and ‘weak’. So avoid negative language. Try saying’ I am strong’ and ‘I will win’.

Make these mental tricks a habit and see the huge influence of it on your mind and body.

Some of the best racers succeed by acting and believing in the opposite of what their body is telling them. They “fake it ’til they make it,” says McGee.

Remember, you can only vary your pace if you are strict with yourself and consistent. Ritualizing your habits and routine will create an impact that will help you reach way past the wall.

Have a long run!

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