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  /  Blog   /  11 Best Tips that motivate you to exercise daily

11 Best Tips that motivate you to exercise daily

You constantly dream about being fit and picturize yourself as a fitness freak. But, you always go off the track, failing to keep up with the fitness regime you created to attain progress. You keep viewing the motivational workout videos and feel like you are charged up 100% to keep your workouts going. But, the adrenaline rush is momentary. What do you need to do to make sure you stick to your fitness routine?

Here are some surefire tips that would make you tap into the not-so-mystical force within you
to exercise continually.

● Change your perspective

Stop saying you cannot do it and start feeling like an athlete who is committed to a routine. Be the initiator for a chain reaction in propelling the fitness stride and inspire people around you. Pulling in other people around you acts as a trigger for you to become the motivator

● Set goals

When there are no goals, it is similar to sailing on a boat that does not know the direction in an ocean with fierce waves. Get. Set. Go.

● Schedule a workout time and make it a routine

Most people either do it before dawn or after dusk. Discipline and Motivation have a linear relationship. Scheduling a workout time and sticking to it helps to get glued to the routine and pushes you to workout without any debate in the mind.

● Quality over quantity.

What benefit does it serve when you do exercise just because you have to spend a stock of hours every day, disregarding the efficacy of what you do. For instance, Doing each rep perfectly is more important than doing 100 reps in a strength workout.

● Think about fun and variety

Exercise shouldn’t be an activity that makes you feel toiled. It should be a fun-filled activity and a melange of different exercises to keep you intrigued. Choose what you love to do and feel the
● Find a workout partner
When you have someone to workout with, you push each other to commit to fitness. For instance, find a person who has a shared zest for running and maybe you could plan a easy and long run for the coming weekend. You will surely achieve great things you never dreamt of and keep yourself motivated.

● Focus on the post feeling.

That post-workout feeling is more than just endorphin release. It makes you feel proud and want to do it again. You can pen down your feelings that inevitably makes you invigorated.

● Reward yourself

If you finish a workout you planned to, maybe you can reward yourself. For instance, after a hard leg day, you can pamper yourself with your favorite snack on your cheat day.

● Listen to a playlist of peppy beats

Music has an invigorating effect and gets you all charged up to do more. So pick your favorite fast and peppy numbers and you get into a grove to get on with your workouts. .

● Think where you started

When you have the slightest hint that you are losing interest, think where you started and how far you have come. You feel the sudden urge to exercise and stay fit as you discover the progress you have made since the time you started.

● Wear a fitness tracker

Fitness trackers chaperone to achieve the set goals and keep you on the path to fitness. Fitness trackers also give you alarge community connect that helps you set goals.

Motivation isn’t a switch in your brain that can be set on autopilot. You surround yourself with people from whom you derive motivation. This is absolutely important to do until exercise becomes a daily habit. Then you are on a path where you strive to be better than yesterday and seek to do the best tomorrow. Put yourself in the life-changing loop of Actiwoo. Join a challenge. Do Workout. Earn points. Redeem your reward. Hook yourself in the endless spiral of active life with Actiwoo.

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